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Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated
business located in the small town of
Circleville, Ohio.
This business is an expression of our family's desire to spend more time together, support our community, and provide high quality American-made swings for kids (and adults)
to enjoy for years.

Why Buy a Swing?

  • The most enduring childhood memories revolve around something as simple as a tree swing or a swing set. Countless hours are spent playing with siblings or friends or just daydreaming.

  • These swings are comfortable - quite unlike the sling style or the plastic U-shaped models. An adult will be quite comfortable using these without the fear of it breaking.

  • As your children grow, they will not outgrow these swings.

  • Nothing looks more like a home than a swing hanging from a tree.

  • Why spend hundreds of dollars for a nice swing set and have cheap seats (the most important part)?

  • It's another thing kids can do outside - away from TV and video games

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